CHello our fellow COMBRADES!!
We have some very special news to share with you all.

First, I would like to thank every one of our investors for sticking with us through the painful developing phases.
We have been developing not only $COMB but also the whole $COMB ECOSYSTEM.
And finally we are able to share these news with you all.

One of our most memorable challenge, Def Stake Battle Royale, is coming to an end.
(Def token was a debase coin that served as a little game among the $COMB holders →

We all have been waiting for this. This has taken a lot of time to get to this stage.

We’ve been transparent in our approach and always done audit beforehand to gain the trust of the community.

Note:- KarmaMaster will produce two coins Xcomb and Karma (Carma)Token. (Both the tokens have notional value for the underlying assets that’s comb and nft Token).

So to simply explain in a nomad language

Send Eth or Comb-eth Lp token (locked Permanently)…

A better long term vision for Combine finance holders will be to adapt the Core liquidity locked model along with the true sense of farming. We are calling It Liquidity locked mining.

Vault and NFT launching together

Liquidity locked Mining (LLM)?
In the context of Combine Finance, liquidity locked mining refers to users (locking their LPs token to farm comb and karma token) Note: this will only lock their lp token for life.

Why should We Farm Comb Token?

  1. This is the Circulating supply right now. There’s going to be 6700 more. Which can only come through staking/farming. (10k Total Supply)
  2. Nft Karma token rewarded to Liquidity Locked Miners (LLM). …


We have successfully forked Uniswap to make it accustom for Definite $DEF (One of a kind deflationary Financial Game) from Uniswap to our own DEX?

You can now trade Comb-Eth & Comb-def with convenience.

Note the pool is still on uniswap. This is just interface keeping the rest as it is for now. Once we reach 10 million in TVL we will migrate the pool to

🚨As a reminder, We still have 3 ongoing CHALLENGES that you could take advantage of

🚨Make sure to participate and get your free $COMB

  1. Twitter Challenge:

2. DEF Stake Battle Royale:

3. NFT MEME Challenge Info:

- NFT MEME Challenge Progression:

🔱 We have been killing our milestones so far! …

Get a chance to Earn Comb Token MEME contest For NFT on Combine Finance

It gives me an immense pleasure to inform you we are integrating NFT within Comb token.

We are announcing a MEME Contest which will be used as an NFT assets on our platform based on upvotes.

We want community participation for this contest, it will be for the people by the people.

Here’s a great article to understand what’s NFT

An NFT(non-fungible token), is a new type of digital item based on blockchain.

So, if you are an artist, designer or just a crypto enthusiasts who wants to earn COMB token, you can participate in the MEME contest.

So, there are 3 categories Funny, Artistic and Nature.

Each Category will have 10…

The Official Contract address

Step 1: Get yourself some COMB Token

! Make sure you use the official COMB pool, there are a lot of Scam Tokens out there. Make sure your Ethereum Wallet has some ETH, if not get some on an exchange.

Official Link :

Step 2: Provide some Liquidity to the COMB-ETH pool

Official Link

Due to massive outbreaks on hacks and fault in a single line of codes can pull the massive wealth away from the pockets of investors to that of hackers. Security measures and transparency is greatest preference for us. It gives our investor peace of mind to invest with us.

While the majority does the audit on the mainnet we took the other way round. We have audited it on testnet first being a smallcap. We did the audit before putting our code on the mainnet. Thanks for the patience the wait was worthwhile.

We are happy with the security posture…

Here’s our website link for presale, It will begin in 24 hours that is on 13th 12:30 pm UTC.

Register and make yourself familiar with the website. The sale will be first come first serve basis. It has a timer on the website.

The sale page will display the address for the contribution. (The sale will happen on our official domain website).

The sale will run for 5 days. The unsold token will be burned and only the coins that are sold will be distributed. The distribution of the token will be done manually once the sale is over.


First of all let me begin by saying we are really grateful to the community. We have crossed 300 members in a short span of time.
Also, wanted to let you know that the team comprises of Traders, Investors, Yield Farmers, Developers and Marketers the one thing we have in common is our love for DEFI space in crypto.

We have been working night and day co-ordinating with our team members back and forth. Taking input from the community and delivering on our promises.

There’s lot of future releases and yield farming that’s going to come on our platform. Hodlon…

Combine Finance

A Decentralized community-driven DeFi protocol emphasizes on Liquidity Staking on Uniswap with limited supply.

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