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1 min readOct 3, 2020



We have successfully forked Uniswap to make it accustom for Definite $DEF (One of a kind deflationary Financial Game) from Uniswap to our own DEX?

You can now trade Comb-Eth & Comb-def with convenience.

Note the pool is still on uniswap. This is just interface keeping the rest as it is for now. Once we reach 10 million in TVL we will migrate the pool to

🚨As a reminder, We still have 3 ongoing CHALLENGES that you could take advantage of

🚨Make sure to participate and get your free $COMB

  1. Twitter Challenge:

2. DEF Stake Battle Royale:

3. NFT MEME Challenge Info:

- NFT MEME Challenge Progression:

πŸ”± We have been killing our milestones so far! Here are some more juicy updates that you could expect from us this MONTH!

NFT Integration (Website design done!) β€” Teaser will be shared soon

2. Advance pool (Definite Deflationary Financial Game is already launched on Comb Platform)

3. Vault

4. Governance on $COMB

Exchange β€”

Telegram (Channel) β€”

Telegram (Group) β€”

Twitter β€”

Medium β€”

Website β€”

Farming β€”

Meme Contest β€”



Combine Finance

A Decentralized community-driven DeFi protocol emphasizes on Liquidity Staking on Uniswap with limited supply.