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Combine Finance
2 min readSep 9, 2020


First of all let me begin by saying we are really grateful to the community. We have crossed 300 members in a short span of time.
Also, wanted to let you know that the team comprises of Traders, Investors, Yield Farmers, Developers and Marketers the one thing we have in common is our love for DEFI space in crypto.

We have been working night and day co-ordinating with our team members back and forth. Taking input from the community and delivering on our promises.

There’s lot of future releases and yield farming that’s going to come on our platform. Hodlon to it. (Also, we are in talk with few people who will let us stake COMB-Eth Uni lp token to earn their token. This is going to be zero premine) Once, all in place we will reveal the details.)

We will start with the whitelisting process for our presale in this week. So, its time to get excited. We are going to be ready by next week with the token launch. Lot of things are planned for this week.
Also, the code is in testnet. Tomorrow we are sending it for audit. If anyone is interested to audit the codes for us. You are most welcome.

Here’s a sneak peak into what we are working on the platform design.

Best Regards,
Combine Finance Team

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Combine Finance

A Decentralized community-driven DeFi protocol emphasizes on Liquidity Staking on Uniswap with limited supply.