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2 min readSep 27, 2020


Get a chance to Earn Comb Token MEME contest For NFT on Combine Finance

It gives me an immense pleasure to inform you we are integrating NFT within Comb token.

We are announcing a MEME Contest which will be used as an NFT assets on our platform based on upvotes.

We want community participation for this contest, it will be for the people by the people.

Here’s a great article to understand what’s NFT

An NFT(non-fungible token), is a new type of digital item based on blockchain.

So, if you are an artist, designer or just a crypto enthusiasts who wants to earn COMB token, you can participate in the MEME contest.

So, there are 3 categories Funny, Artistic and Nature.

Each Category will have 10 Winners, Each Winner will receive 0.3 Comb.

Rules for participation

  1. Meme/Image shouldn't be NSFW, Should be clean, No Copyright Material
  2. You should be the original author of the MEME/Image and by uploading the images, you give us the rights to use the winning MEME/Images on our platform as NFT.
  3. A person can upload 20 MEME/Images, So choose wisely.
  4. Use the Website for uploading the MEME

How to participate

  1. Register to, Activate your account via email, Login and Upload Meme.
  2. There’s 3 categories Funny, Artistic and Nature. Choose the category accordingly. You can upload the image by pressing on the create button.
  3. Whichever image gets maximum upvotes will be chosen as winners.

This Contest will run for 10 Days starting now.

7th of October the winners will be announced.

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