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2 min readDec 14, 2020


CHello our fellow COMBRADES!!
We have some very special news to share with you all.

First, I would like to thank every one of our investors for sticking with us through the painful developing phases.
We have been developing not only $COMB but also the whole $COMB ECOSYSTEM.
And finally we are able to share these news with you all.

One of our most memorable challenge, Def Stake Battle Royale, is coming to an end.
(Def token was a debase coin that served as a little game among the $COMB holders →

With the end of $DEF token challenge, this time, we will give a birth to a whole NEW Project with a REBASE function.

✅ 1. We introduce…….

🎊 XDEFI Finance 🎊

🔥Xdefi Finance is an elastic synthetic Index fund that derives its value at a rate of Defi TVL x 0.1¹¹.
🔥Traders can Speculate the DEFI TVL with one token.
🔥Hedge against DeFi.
🔥Mixture of $xBTC + $AMPL


🚨So HOW will $COMB Holders will benefit from Xdefi Finance?
🚨HOW will this new project play into $COMB ECOSYSTEM?

2. Public Sale for $COMB Holders (FCFS Whitelist)
$COMB Holders will get to avoid gas wars and be able to invest into Xdefi Finance first depending on how much $COMB you hold.
There will be different Tiers of Comb holders from 1 to 5.
More $COMB you hold, the earlier you will be able to participate in our $Xdefi Public Sale.
Public Sale will be the only round with 100% unlocked tokens.

Details of the whitelisting process and the different tier system will be explained later this coming week.
There will be a HUGE marketing campaign for Xdefi Finance.

3. $COMB Holders will receive $Xdefi AIRDROPS
We will airdrop the Xdefi coin to our current investors for showing their commitment and trusting in us.
Random Snapshots will occur multiple times later this and next week to verify our true supporters.

4. COMB Ecosystem Update
🚨$COMB will be our main coin of our ECOSYSTEM.
🚨In addition, $COMB holders will continue to get airdrops from our future projects as well. We have already began working on those!

Check out our NFT meme that will be launching very soon!
And we have added more NFT memes on our platform!
Here are some preview.




Combine Finance

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