How to Earn Comb Token by Farming

Combine Finance
2 min readSep 22, 2020


The Official Contract address

Step 1: Get yourself some COMB Token

! Make sure you use the official COMB pool, there are a lot of Scam Tokens out there. Make sure your Ethereum Wallet has some ETH, if not get some on an exchange.

Official Link :

Step 2: Provide some Liquidity to the COMB-ETH pool

Official Link

You’ll have to first approve UNISWAP to spend your COMB. (note the approval will be asked 2 times).

Next, you have to confirm another transaction to Supply your COMB and ETH to the pool.

Step 3: Last Step! Deposit your LP tokens on the Combine.Finance website (

Official Link —

Approve COMB-Eth Uni-v2 lp to spend your LP tokens.

Once approved click on + button

Next, deposit your LP tokens!

Congrats, You are now earning COMB token

Congrats you are a COMB farmer.


Five txns in total you need to perform

1. ETH -> COMB

2. Approve COMB spend by UNISWAP

3. Deposit COMB and ETH to the pool

4. Approve LP token spend by

5. Deposit LP tokens



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