Presale Announcement — Low Cap Low Supply

Combine Finance
1 min readSep 12, 2020


Here’s our website link for presale, It will begin in 24 hours that is on 13th 12:30 pm UTC.

Register and make yourself familiar with the website. The sale will be first come first serve basis. It has a timer on the website.

The sale page will display the address for the contribution. (The sale will happen on our official domain website).

The sale will run for 5 days. The unsold token will be burned and only the coins that are sold will be distributed. The distribution of the token will be done manually once the sale is over.

Please ignore the kyc page. We won’t be asking for it.

The minimum buy per individual is 1 ETH i.e 4 COMB

The maximum buy per individual is 5 ETH i.e 20 COMB

The hardcap is 250 ETH for 1000 COMB

Best Regards,

Combine Finance Team

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