Vault (NFT &Vault)— Smart Contract Audit Completed. The wait is over.

Combine Finance
Nov 20, 2020


We all have been waiting for this. This has taken a lot of time to get to this stage.

We’ve been transparent in our approach and always done audit beforehand to gain the trust of the community.

Note:- KarmaMaster will produce two coins Xcomb and Karma (Carma)Token. (Both the tokens have notional value for the underlying assets that’s comb and nft Token).

We will be renouncing the ownership or will add timelock of 48 hours just like we did for Masterchef for comb token.

So to simply explain in a nomad language

Send Eth or Comb-eth Lp token (locked Permanently) —> KarmaMaster Smart Contract -> Xcomb (One time Stake only, Stake it to farm Comb) (Can’t Unstake Xcomb) High Apy for Comb.

Carma Token — Which will be redeemed to Buy NFT’s on the platform.

There will be an entire tutorial in details on how to do this.

This is the NFT Website : (We are working on it).

We will be launching the entire smart contract and NFT Website on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Note:- There will be a buyback and burn mechanism. Anyone who will purchase the NFT through ETH. That Eth will go back in the pool and buyback the token from comb-eth pool. Those tokens that’s bought will be burnt. Hence, reduction in total supply and increase in price.



Combine Finance

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